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Booze Lover’s Survival Gear!

I never appreciated the usefulness of a flask until I went on a weekend camping trip this past June. In addition to a Swiss army knife, a Leatherman multi-tool, and waterproof matches, a flask full of your favorite whisky is an item that you should definitely bring along on your trip.

While visiting friends in Connecticutt, I stumbled upon this little beauty in the JL Powell catalog. I would say that 99% of the stuff in their catalog was out of my price range ($500 suede shirts? $650 snow boots? Seriously?), but the Double Hip Flask definitely caught my eye. I doubt that I would buy it for myself, but it may make my Christmas wish list.


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  1. Make sure that one of those flasks is filled with a nice Chianti. That way I’ll have something to go with your liver after I’ve been forced to kill and eat you since you forgot to bring the real survival and camping supplies. I’ll bring my own fava beans to complete the meal.


  2. Actually, if you just prepare it in the classic “liver and onions” way, a nice whisky or cognac would be a fine accompaniment for this dish. Perhaps some sauteed mushrooms with a Madeira finish on the side as well?

    On second thought, I wouldn’t recommend eating any human livers from our neighborhood. Think about it.


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