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Beer Review – Lagunitas IPA

At a “business” lunch at the Good Dog, I had the most pleasant opportunity to order a second beer. I settled on a Lagunitas IPA for two reasons. First, I had had other Lagunitas offerings before and thoroughly enjoyed them. The second reason was that the Lagunitas was on-tap and as my first beer was out of the bottle, I wanted a fresher pour. The IPA came icy cold with a refreshing scent of hops. There was an ample amount of foam that quickly dissipated and left a beautiful golden color. I found that the IPA had just enough hops for flavor but without the overly bitter finish that comes from some of the other over-hopped attempts at an IPA. Overall, a good beer that left me wishing that the “business” lunch could have gone a beer or two longer. I would give it a B+ (same as the average score at the Beer Advocate).

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