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Whisky Review – Chivas Regal 18

Way back in August of 2011, I took part in the very first WhiskyCast Virtual Tasting. During the recording session, the four panelists that took part in this tasting were given the following three whiskies to sample and score: the AnCnoc 12, the Powers Gold Label 12, and […]

Whiskey Review – Concannon Irish Whiskey

There is no weird or convoluted back story with regards to the acquisition of this bottle of Concannon Irish Whiskey. I received an email from a New York Public Relations firm asking if I’d like to try this whiskey. I immediately said yes, and a few days later, […]

Whisky Review – Old Pulteney 21 Year Old

Back in early December, Limpd received an email from Master of Malt announcing their 2012 Whisky Advent Calendar. Since Limpd’s Pappy is a fan of the brown spirits, he decided to purchase the Whisky Advent Calendar as an early Christmas present for him. While Limpd’s Pappy is a […]

Whisky Review – Bunnahabhain 12

While Limpd is not the biggest fan of the classic Islay whiskies (the intensely smoky ones), he has found his way to Islay on numerous occasions thanks to the Bruichladdich and Bunnahabhain distilleries. I’m pretty sure that at one point he had a bottle of the Bunnahabhain 12 […]