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Whisky Review – Hibiki Japanese Harmony

We’re no strangers to Suntory’s Hibiki range of blended Japanese whiskies. For several years, their 12 year old expression was the only game in town, but then in mid 2014, they unleashed their 17 and 21 year old expressions on the American market. All three are beautifully made […]

You Say Tomato, We Say Hibiki!

The honorable G-LO-san and I recently experienced the serenity and harmony that is a well known Japanese whisky. Once the musing started, we found ourselves immersed in tranquility as we became one with nature and its beauty in a glass of the “water of life”. Then the kids […]

Two From Seven Stills of San Francisco

About four weeks ago, the G-LO Clan attended a college graduation party for the daughter of our good friend Rob. About ten minutes after our arrival, Rob says to me, “Let’s take a walk. I have some whiskey that I’d like you to try.” I of course obliged Rob’s […]