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Whisky Review – Compass Box Hedonism

If you happened to read last week’s post about the Hibiki event that we recently attended in NYC, you will recall that during the formal whisky tasting portion of the evening, we were given the opportunity to sample some Chita Grain Whisky. That stuff was super tasty and […]

Whisky Review – Crown Royal XO

We’ve already reviewed the Crown Royal XR and Crown Royal Maple. Now it’s time to review their newest whisky, Crown Royal XO. Here’s what Crown Royal has to say about their latest expression: This is no ordinary reserve quality whisky. Crafted by the Crown Royal Master Blender, XO […]

Suntory Time Whisky Review – Hibiki 17

On Friday October 18th, 2013, The Whisky Woman and I had the following chat via text messaging while she waited for her ANA flight to take off from JFK (she was headed to Japan for a vacation with her husband)… Whisky Woman (WW): Holy shit – they’re serving Hibiki […]