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Ode to the Whisky Dog…

It has been one year since the Booze Dancers were faced with the grim news that our beloved mascot, the Whisky Dog, was suffering from late stage cancer and had to be put down. A nearly twelve year old, cocker/retriever mix, she had led a long and noble life and […]

Fun With Rate Beer Reviews

This post was inspired by by our friend John LaRue of “The Droid Your Looking For” blog. Here is the first part of John’s “Fun With Netflix Viewer Reviews: Volume 4” post which explains what he set out to do: It’s time yet again for the article that’s […]

The Liebster Blog Award

I take a week long vacation with the family (more about our travels in an upcoming post), neglect the blog while I’m away, and come back to find out that I have been nominated for not one, but TWO Liebster Blog Awards. While I most definitely appreciate the […]