Catoctin Creek Rye and Gin Tasting + A What We’re Watching Update


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Aye, aye, Captain! Or should we say, Rye, Rye, Captain?!?

Well, we definitively should say the latter because this episode of What We Watch When We Drink is a Ryemageddon spectacular(!) as we welcome Dean Caplan from Catoctin Creek Distillery. Dean is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Catoctin Creek and he joined us to talk about the magnificent lineup of Ryes (and a delicious American Gin too!) that Catoctin Creek are making in Purcellville, VA. Plus Dean likes television so that makes him a doubly great guest. Rye + TV = FUN!!! So grab a dram, grab a 50” LED flat screen tv, and listen to some fascinating talk about the neat things Catoctin Creek are doing and what we’ve watched, are watching and want to watch.

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