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Whiskey Review – Templeton Rye

A while back, we found a fantastic assortment of little tiny bottles on G-LO’s front step. In the care package, were sample bottles of Four Roses (Yellow Label, Small Batch, and Single Barrel), Carpano Antica, Punt E Mes, and Templeton Rye. When it comes to rye whiskey, I am always a little confused as […]

Whiskey Review – Angel’s Envy Rye

You don’t have to be a whisky geek to know that Rye whiskey has become wildly popular over the past few years. If you don’t believe me, below are links to several articles that have appeared in print and on the interwebz: The Wall Street Journal wrote about […]

Whiskey Review – Knob Creek Rye Whiskey

This past March, we received an invitation to attend a Beam Global event in Philadelphia called Spirits Confidential. At this event, we were given the opportunity to sample products from Beam Global’s entire portfolio, e.g. Maker’s Mark, Laphroiag, Cruzan Rum, Sauza Tequila, Knob Creek, etc.. About a week […]