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Whip Shots Vodka Infused Whipped Cream Review

When The West Coast Office first asked if we were interested in trying Whip Shots, a vodka infused whipped cream, we were equal parts skeptical and intrigued. A boozy non-dairy whipped cream? This was gonna be great. Or it was gonna be awful. No middle ground! No half measures!

Whip Shots is billed as a Cardi B creation that’s made and distributed by a Santa Monica, CA company called Starco Brands. Our dear friend, The West Coast Office, knows one of the guys behind Starco Brands, so that’s how we wound up with samples.

Here’s what Starco Brands has to say about Whip Shots:

Bougie Meets Boozy

We have three words for you. Vodka. Whipped. Cream. Sounds like a deliciously decadent time, right? Oh, and it’s being brought to you by none other than luxurious queen Cardi B.

Dropping December 2021, Whipshots is here to add a playful shot of sophistication to your night or let you just get straight-up luxurious AF. Enjoy Whipshots in the club, a house party, dinner party, or wherever else you would want to enjoy vodka whipped cream. We’ll let you use your imagination.

Available in three flavors—vanilla, caramel, and mocha—Whipshots come in sleek, stylish cans that travel well. Indulge your curiosity and follow Whipshots on social for all the delicious details, along with exclusive Cardi content.

For this tasting, we did what we do best: kept it simple. In our minds, any product that’s worth using has to be good on its own, so we tried all three Whip Shot expressions straight up. No chaser.

Click play on the following video to find out what we thought of them:

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  1. I purchased a bottle of the vanilla after a friend told me she had problems with the topper actually producing whipped cream. After shaking up thoroughly and pointing downwards it was an absolute dud. I would love to see the quality control results and how many of these bottles were actually tested before going to market. Purchase this product at your own risk


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