Seinfeld S1E1


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Ever wonder why they call them pilot episodes?
Did some TV network guy think that making a TV show is like flying an airplane?
Or was there a pilot who really wanted to be TV producer?
Because, you know, they are verrry similar occupations…

Pilot: Air Traffic Control, this is Foxtrot 534.  Are we clear to land?

Air Traffic Control (ATC): Roger that, Foxtrot 534.  You are clear to land at one-niner-alpha.

Pilot: Roger that.  Hey, Air Traffic Control, for the second scene, do you think Elaine should be eating cereal out of a bowl or out of the box?

ATC: Foxtrot 534, out of the box is funnier. And make sure the cereal is crunchy!  Over.

Pilot: Roger that, ATC. Crunchy cereal out of the box. Landing gear activated.

I know I’m feeling pretty safe as a passenger with Larry David in the cockpit.

Have you seen these people listening to podcasts on airplanes?
What’s the deal with podcasts?
What exactly is being cast?
You cast a line when you fish.  Are they listening to fishing?
Remember when phones were used to call someone?  Like your mother calling you.  Every day.
Now you use phones to listen to people fish.

One Show, One Drink is your snack and libation podcast for your afternoon dog walk, making dinner, folding laundry, or drive to the mall.  Just make sure you do any of those in under 20 minutes because that’s what One Show, One Drink is all about.  Quick and easy!  Go get that mutt, a leash, and start the walking and listening!  First up, we jump into Season 1, Episode 1 of the quintessential sitcom… Seinfeld.  The Pilot Episode!

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