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Dogfish Head Mango Smoovie Review

Grain, water, yeast, and hops. That’s what beer is traditionally made from. Everyone knows this! Well, everyone but the folks at Dogfish Head, because as you’ll soon find out in the upcoming paragraphs below, they obviously don’t play the brewing game like everyone else.

The subject of today’s review is a beer that Dogfish Head likes to call Mango Smoovie. Here’s what they have to say about it:

Inspired by the fruit-based Indian drink lassi, Dogfish Head Mango Smoovie is a tart ale brewed with boatloads of mango and tangerine, lactose, vanilla, a touch of rose water and yellow cardamom. The result is a fruit-forward libation with sweet mango and vanilla flavor on the front and a subtle, warm spice finish.

The movie-centric packaging is the third of our 2021 Off-Centered Art Series illustrations done by our Art Series Artist, Ryan Besch! This whimsical beach scene is all about capturing the stars of the show, while also giving a nod to the iconic firetowers that line the coastline in our homestate of Delaware!

Dogfish Head likes to throw around the term “off-centered”. Based upon the ingredients listed in the above description, we’d say that they are way way way off-center. Which is 100% fine with us as long as the beer is actually good. To find out if Mango Smoovie is worth your time and money, click play on the following video:

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