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Wawa + 2SP Brewing Sunfest Review

We love it when  talented folks join forces to create something to tempt our palates. And we love it even more when those folks are from our area…

Today’s blog post is all about the second collaboration between convenience store powerhouse Wawa and Aston, PA’s 2SP Brewing. This time around, they’ve created a Shandy called Sunfest made from Wawa’s Strawberry Lemonade and a beer that was specially formulated by 2SP Brewing to go with it.

Here’s a bit more info about this beer taken directly from a recent press release that landed in our inbox:

Old friends, Wawa and 2SP Brewing Company, are continuing the tradition of brewing collaborative limited-edition beers – this time, with a summer twist. On the heels of three successful holiday brews, the collaboration between 2SP Brewing Company’s Head Brewer, Bob Barrar, and Wawa’s Manager of Concept Development and Beverage Guru, Michael McLaughlin, brings about a brand-new brew – Sunfest Strawberry Lemonade Shandy, a crushable, light-bodied shore beer with a touch of strawberry sweetness and a delightful pucker finish courtesy of Wawa’s fresh lemonade.

“Working closely with Wawa’s beverage guru, Michael McLaughlin, we brewed a modern shandy recipe that includes a unique yeast that showcases the spectrum of flavors of Wawa’s Strawberry Lemonade. The collaborative approach to the Sunfest beer was to find that balance of upfront strawberry sweetness with a refreshing lemon citrus finish that comes from the lemonade. What’s the result? A Strawberry Lemonade Shandy that sings summer crusher,” said Michael Contreras, 2SP Brewing Company.

While we enjoy a tart and refreshing beer on a hot summer day, we’re a little concerned that it might be too sweet thanks to the strawberry used in this lemonade. To find out if this beer / lemonade concoction tickled our taste buds, click the play button on the following video:

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Many thanks to Punch Media and Wawa for sending us these very generous samples!

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