Booze Dancing TV

A LIVE Booze Chat with Martin Geijer of Geijer Spirits and Author André Darlington

On Friday, June 4, 2021 at 9PM EST / 6PM PST (aka TONIGHT!), we’re joined by Martin Geijer of Geijer Spirits and author André Darlington to talk all things Cocktails!

During the broadcast, Martin will discuss three of his award-winning liqueurs and spirits while cocktail wizard and author André Darlington discusses his latest cocktail book releases, Booze Cruise and Gotham City Cocktails. And if all that wasn’t enough we’ll be tasting three of Martin’s liqueurs while both of our guests dazzle us with some cocktail concoctions

As is always the case, our goal is to have fun, discover some new and exciting spirits, and find out what makes Geijer Spirits unique among the plethora of spirits that are out there. Be sure to tune in LIVE on our YouTube ChannelFacebook Page, or on Periscope so that you can join in the conversation. Or you can watch the show right here…

We look forward to seeing YOU then!

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