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Organic Mixology Liqueurs Review

We enjoy cocktails as much as anyone, but let’s face it, they can be a pain in the ass, especially if you want to go beyond highballs and other basic drinks. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of crafty individuals out there creating high quality mixers for lazy cocktail lovers such as ourselves.

One such company goes by the name of Organic Mixology (OM). Based in Los Angeles and made in Temperance, Michigan, OM currently creates the following four cocktail-friendly liqueurs:

  • Vanilla & Rose: A 100% organic sugarcane distillate hand blended with USDA organic vanilla & rose. Sip it mixed with sparkling wine or in an aromatic martini. Tastings notes: lightly floral with a subtle sweet kiss of vanilla bean.
  •  Meyer Lemon & Ginger: A 100% organic sugarcane distillate hand blended with USDA organic Meyer lemon & ginger. Spice up a Moscow Mule or French 75. Tasting notes: subtle citrus notes with a slightly spicy ginger kick.
  • Coconut & Lychee: A 100% organic sugarcane distillate hand blended with USDA organic coconut & lychee. Enhance a Mojito or add a splash of “the islands” to a vodka soda. Tasting notes: a refreshing touch of coconut complimented by a light fruity finish.
  • Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt: At roughly 5 grams of sugar per serving and 17.5% alcohol, we offer you a rich, chocolate indulgence that can be enjoyed on its own, poured over ice cream, or used in a cocktail such as the OMspresso Martini. Tasting notes: bittersweet chocolate notes rounded out with a hint of espresso & a touch of sea salt.

For this edition of A Tasting at The Murder Table, we tried each liqueur on its own, then made a cocktail with the one we liked best. To find out what we thought of these intriguing sounding liqueurs that come in very pretty packaging, click the play button on the following video:

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Many thanks to Vision Wine & Spirits for sending us these VERY generous samples!

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