50 State Blend

A LIVE #Whiskey Chat with 50 State Blend Creator, Michael Bloom

On Friday, August 14, 2020 (aka TONIGHT!) at 10PM EDT / 9PM CDT / 7PM PDT, BoozeDancing TV will broadcast a LIVE Whisky Tasting with 50 State Blend Creator, Michael Bloom. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the 50 State Blend, here’s what it’s all about courtesy of Michael’s website:

What is the 50 State Blend?

The 50 State Blend celebrates American craft by sourcing and blending whiskeys distilled in each of the fifty states and Washington DC.

More than eight different types of American whiskeys comprise the 50 State Blend.

There are fourteen bourbons, fourteen ryes, twelve single malts, one single malt rye, one Tennessee whiskey (duh!) one millet, one sorghum and six whiskies that don’t cleanly fit in any of those particular categories.

Each draft of the 50 State Blend keeps the ingredients constant but changes their proportions. I started to barrel-finish the final product beginning with Draft #4.

Intrigued? Yeah? So are we!

As is usually the case, our goal is to have fun, learn something new, and find out all that there is to know about Michael Bloom and his 50 State Blend creation. Be sure to tune in LIVE on our YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, or Periscope so that you can join in the conversation.  Or if you’re the type that doesn’t do YouTube or Facebook, just click the play button below:

We look forward to seeing YOU then!

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