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A Review of Royal Reserve Finest Whiskey Stones PLUS The Glenrothes 18

You know how it goes. People find out that you have a new hobby, and the next thing you know, you’re inundated with Christmas, Birthday, and Father’s/Mother’s Day gifts related to your new past time that you may or may not have wanted. For us whiskey lovers, that means decanters, glassware, books, t-shirts, actual whiskey, and anything else you can think of that can be tailored to meet the wants and needs of the whiskey lover in your life. This past Christmas, Limpd received such a gift from his eldest brother who we shall refer to as Sonny…

On today’s episode of Pretty Shiny Packaging, we’ll be discussing the Royal Reserve Whiskey Stones Gift Set that Limpd recently received as a Christmas present. This set comes encased in a solid-wood and velvet lined case which was designed to hold two Old Fashioned glasses, two slate coasters, a pair of tongs, eight whiskey stones, and a velvet bag.

In addition to a detailed review of this gift set, we’ll also put the whiskey stones through their paces by trying them with The Glenrothes 18 to see if they change the taste of the whisky and also to see if they do an adequate job of chilling it without watering it down. To see and hear all that we had to say about the Royal Reserve Whiskey Stones Gift Set and The Glenrothes 18, click the play button on the following video:

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