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Beer Review – Sixpoint Hootie Hazy India Pale Ale

In Boozedancing Country, the mixed six-pack is KING! Sure, it costs a good bit more than just buying a six-pack or a case of one particular beer, but we’re ok with that because (a) we like variety, and (b) purchasing multiple bottles of just one beer feels too much like commitment. We’ve already gone down that road in our personal lives; we don’t need to go there again when it comes to beer.

The subject of today’s A Tasting at The Murder Table, one Sixpoint Hootie Hazy IPA, was purchased as part of a mixed six-pack that I picked up at South Philly’s very own Beer Heaven. Why did I pick this particular beer when there were hundreds to choose from? Easy answer: (a) I’ve had several good experiences with Sixpoint Brewery’s Craft Beer offerings, and (b) I was trying to impress Limpd with this pretty can selection.

Here’s what Sixpoint has to say about this Hazy IPA in the pretty, shiny, 16 ounce can:

Idaho 7 from Nate Jackson at Jackson Farms. El Dorado from Graham Gamache at Cornerstone Ranches. Amarillo from the Riel’s at Double R Ranches. Galaxy from down under. These hops combine for a huge blast of complex hop character with juicy tropical notes, some candylike sweet aromas, stone fruit, and grapefruit. The aroma flies out of the glass. 5.4% ABV. 5 IBUs.

The Story: “That’s a hoot!” Bright and citrusy, short, quick finish. Slammer.
Lab Notes: Explosively aromatic Hazy IPA that drinks super clean.

We like the sound of everything that Sixpoint had to say about this beer. But the questions is, did it deliver on its promise, or was I once again duped by some pretty shiny packaging? To find out what we thought of Hootie, click the play button on the following video:

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