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Pairing Green Flash Celtic Sun IPA with Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition

While we’re quite familiar with the concept of having whisky with a beer chaser, it’s not something we would normally do, so when Green Flash Brewing of San Diego, CA sent us an email announcing the release of Celtic Sun IPA, a beer that was specially formulated to pair with Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition, let’s just say that we were more than a little bit intrigued.

Here’s what Green Flash had to say about their Celtic Sun IPA:

Celtic Sun IPA is the first Jameson collaboration with a U.S. craft brewer to create a non-barrel aged beer to be sipped alongside Jameson Caskmates® IPA whiskey. Its recipe was designed by the Green Flash brewing team to complement the floral citrus nose, and green apple light citrus tasting notes found in Jameson Caskmates® IPA. Additionally, the Celtic Sun IPA packaging incorporates design elements from both the Caskmates® IPA label and the new Green Flash illustrative design.

“Innovation at Green Flash continues to be the cornerstone of our connection with consumers,” states Green Flash Brewmaster Erik Jensen. “Consumers today enjoy a wide variety of beverage choices, even in a single setting. Our new beer was brewed to offer a unique drinking ritual with whiskey that we’re referring to as the ‘Perfect Irish Complement.’ We’re encouraging everyone to alternate sips of Celtic Sun IPA with Caskmates® IPA whiskey to taste how these products truly complement one another. No boilermakers here! We couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with our friends at Jameson to launch Celtic Sun IPA this summer for that perfect Irish Complement.”

For this beer and whisky pairing session, we once again enlisted the help of our Craft Beer Savant, The Alemonger, and spent some time at Murder Table Studio B (aka The Alemonger’s kitchen). In addition to trying the Jameson whisky and Green Flash beer on their own and then trying them together, we also tried the Jameson alongside an IPA from Victory Brewing Company, which was VERY different from the Green Flash IPA, to see if our friends from San Diego were truly onto something with their Celtic Sun concoction.

So let’s sum up…

One Murder Table…
One Irish whisky…
Two very different IPAs…
Three reviewers with somewhat different palates.

With all of those variables at play, what could possibly go wrong?

To see and hear all that we had to say about these beer and whisky pairing combinations (given that this is a 23+ minute video, we obviously said quite a bit), click the play button on the following video:

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Many thanks to Green Flash Brewing Co. for sending us these Celtic Sun IPA samples!

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