A Mick, a Jew, an Indian, and a Sicilian Walk Into a Pub

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As we prepped for Episode 11, we sat around with a bottle of whiskey on that old craggy wall looking out at the meadow behind the Boozedancing Media Center. We laughed and sang and cried while the sheep grazed paying us no nevermind. It was a good time to dig through and read the many cards and letters from our many Irish fans across the globe. The dusty old burlap sack was bursting with sentiments so kind we thought we’d share a few (with Gaelic translations) since we’re all a little Irish today. Enjoy!

May the Devil make splinters of your legs. (Go ndéanfaidh an diabhal cipín dod’ dhá chois)
Cara Wright, 58

May you burn and be severely injured. (Dó agus bascadh ort) Imeacht gan do thuairisc ort).
Sean, 47
County Cork

Six horseloads of graveyard clay upon you. (Ualach sé chapall de chré na h-úire ort)
Siobhan Casey, 32
San Francisco

May you fall on your head. (Mullach do chinn fút)
Michael Brocklin, 6
St. Catherine’s Primary School
Sister Madeline’s kindergarten class

May you choke on your breath. (Go dtachtar le d’anáil thú)
Kayleigh Murphy, 24

May you be burned and scorched. (Loscadh is dó ort)
Ryan Callahan, 51
Via internet

May you have red diarrhea. (Buineach dhearg go dtigidh ort)
Name Withheld Upon Request

We really have the best fan base. Slainte!

On Episode 11: “A Mick, a Jew, an Indian, and a Sicilian Walk Into a Pub…”, we happily are joined by good friend of Boozedancing, Raj Sabharwal of Glass Revolution. Raj jumped at the chance to run the other way come on and talk the newest addition to his lineup, Waterford, an Irish Whiskey that is the talk of the globe. Plus, we chatted all things Irish TV and Movies with Raj since it’s St. Patrick’s Day and we believe in cliches and luck and not wanting anything to fall on our heads. Luckily, “what butter and whiskey won’t cure, there is no cure for.” Our Kosher butcher has a way with words, doesn’t he? Take a listen before the devil knows you’ve stolen his iPhone…

Show notes:

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