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Beer Review – Oskar Blues JAHVanilla Barrel-Aged Ten FIDY Imperial Stout

Oskar Blues JAHVanilla Barrel-Aged Ten FIDY Imperial Stout. That’s a big name for a beer that comes in a really big can (the brewer calls this 19.2 ounce vessel a stovepipe. Abraham Lincoln would be proud!). And if all that weren’t big enough for ya, it has an ABV of 14.3%, which in our mind classifies this beer as a BIG’UN, or as our Commander in Chief would say, “This beer sure sounds bigly!”.

But hey, don’t take our word for it with regards to the bigly-ness of JAHVanilla! Here’s what the fine folks at Oskar Blues have to say about it:

For the first time ever, JAHvanilla was made using a blend of bourbon barrel-aged Ten FIDY AND double bourbon-barrel aged Ten FIDY. The burly blend got rolled up in a barrel with Hotbox Roasters’ cold brew coffee and Madagascar vanilla beans, then aged to rich, espresso-flavored perfection at 14.3% ABV.

“The blending of double-barrel aged FIDY and barrel-aged FIDY this year is pretty special,” said Oskar Blues Brewery’s Head of Brewing Operations, Tim Matthews. “It adds to the complexity and depth of JAHvanilla. Then we hit it with premium vanilla and cold brew and the beer hulks out with flavor.”

Blue Mountain Jamaican coffee beans were used in the super concentrated cold brew – a premium coffee cultivated on the hillsides of the highest mountains in the Caribbean. The chocolate and fruit undertones of Blue Mountain Jamaican coffee take the flavors of barrel-aged Ten FIDY to new heights – in fact, it’s our second favorite agricultural product out of Jamaica. We added an intense 2 pounds of coffee to 1 bbl of beer ratio to amp up the beer’s espresso tones.

YOWZA! Looks like there was a whole lot of Craft Brewery Voodoo going on behind-the-scenes during the making of this beer. Did this bigly brew knock our socks off AND knock us off our barstools? There’s only one to get the answers to these questions…

Click the play button on the following video to see and hear what we had to say about JAHVanilla in the latest episode of A Tasting at The Murder Table:

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Many thanks to the fine folks at Oskar Blues for sending is this very generous sample!

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