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Cider Review – Eden Heritage Cider

Thanks to Autumn being long gone, the taste of a fresh, crisp apple is hard to come by at your local grocer, but fear not, Ladies and Gentlemen! Thanks to the many fine folks that operate cideries across this great land of ours (there are currently 800+ in operation), you can get that fresh picked apple taste year-round… in liquid form! And with a boozy little kick too!

Yes, you guessed it. We’re talking about Hard Cider; the crisp, refreshing, and very easy drinking elixir that has been gaining quite the following over the past few years, and just happens to be the subject of today’s episode of A Tasting at The Murder Table.

The cider that we’ll be reviewing hails from Newport, Vermont’s Eden Specialty CIders. Before we get to our review, here’s what they have to say about their canned Heritage Cider:

Eden Heritage Can is deliciously quaffable, crafted exclusively from Vermont-sourced heritage cider apple varieties Kingston Black, Mcintosh, Bulmer’s Norman, Gravenstein, and the cross-bred, Empire. Cold fermented like wine using nothing but pure apples and yeast, it comes in at a sippable 6.2% ABV

Now that we know a bit about all that went in to the making of this beverage, check out what Limpd and I had to say about this Hard Cider with the oh-so-convenient packaging in the latest episode of A Tasting at The Murder Table, a Booze Dancing TV Production …


Many thanks to Feast PR for sending us this very generous sample!


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