Brew Review

Beer Review – Iron Hill Brewery Dubble Danke

Recently, I was clearing out the beer fridge and found an orphaned bottle from Iron Hill Brewery. I had received this bottle of an American Double IPA as a “thank you” for renewing my King of the Hill membership (get it, the Dubble Danke, Double IPA and thank you). Anyway, I found this bottle as if it were buried treasure and sought to crack it open.

As a bit of background, Iron Hill Brewery is our local craft brewery / restaurant with a strong core lineup (the Pig Iron Porter is a wheelhouse beer for me), a nice assortment of seasonal beers and some pretty good food (I’m partial to the cheesesteak egg rolls and the Jaegerschnitzel).

Before we get to my review, here’s what Iron Hill Brewery has to say about their Dubble Danke…

An American double IPA for a double thank you for your loyalty. Loaded with hops, this beer has distinct citrusy and piney flavor and aroma.

And here are my impressions…

  • ABV: 9.4%
  • Appearance: Clover honey with a nice white foam.
  • Aroma: Malty, doughy, wet bread, fruity (peaches?).
  • Taste: Medium mouthfeel, sweet with a bit of a boozy feel. Not too hoppy or bitter.

The Verdict

First, I must comment of the packaging. The label was a collaboration between Iron Hill and Jeff Schaller of PinkCow Studios. I have a great love for pretty, shiny packaging and this bottle certainly fit the bill. And, it came with beer! The beer was not overly boozy (for an ABV of 9.4%) but had enough flavor to keep it interesting. It was easy drinking without being overpowering. I really enjoyed it!

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