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Cider Review – Wyndridge Crafty Cider

Way back in late November, Mrs. G-LO and I had a pre-theater lunch at a Center City Philadelphia bar called Strangelove’s. For you theater lovers out there, we went to see The Book of Mormon. Mrs. G-LO loved it, while I found it to be mildly amusing. It’s cute if late 1990’s Southpark is your thing. Anyway…

Strangelove’s is a fun, two-story bar with a really good food and drink menu, and it just happens to be right around the corner from The Forrest Theater which is where The Book of Mormon was playing. While I’m having trouble remembering what we ate for lunch, thanks to Instagram, I know exactly what we drank…

As you can see in the above photo, I had a Bullfrog Farmhouse Apricot Wheat and Mrs. G-LO had a Wyndridge Crafty Cider. Both drinks were delicious, but since the subject of this post is cider, I’ll focus my attention on Mrs. G-LO’s beverage choice.

As most couples are wont to do, we took turns trying each other’s beverage selections. I was delightfully surprised by that first sip of the Wyndridge Cider. It was equal parts dry, crisp, and lightly sweet. It reminded me of a light bodied Riesling or Gewurtztraminer, but with a subtle apple sweetness. This cider left a positive impression on me, so much so that when I spotted it in the refrigerator case at Beer Heaven in South Philly during a recent beer-run, I didn’t hesitate to pick up a bottle for a future review. Here’s what I thought of this cider the second time around…

The pour is fizzy with absolutely no head or lacing which I believe is perfectly normal for a hard cider. The color is pale gold and it’s completely translucent with lots of small, rapidly rising bubbles.

On the nose, it’s lightly sweet with a fresh apple scent and just a hint of citrus.

As far as the taste, Wyndridge’s Crafty Cider is just as good as I remember. It’s crisp, clean, lightly sweet, and even a little bit tart. The apple flavors are a cross between a mutsu and a honeycrisp. What I really like about this cider is the aftertaste which leaves you with a light pucker and a hint of sweet apple. This stuff has summer refresher written all over it. I’m definitely buying this again.

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