Brew Review

Beer Review – Smuttynose Really Old Brown Dog Ale

Smuttynose Really Old Brown Dog Ale

I looked on the front label.
Then I looked on the back label.
I even looked on the label that’s wrapped around the neck of the bottle.
I was in search of the answer to this question: “What’s the ABV?”.

Somewhat frustrated, I ignored the ABV question and carried on.
I lifted the glass to the light and pondered the appearance.
Though challenged from a froth and lacing perspective, the color intrigued me.
Medium brown with auburn highlights perhaps?
Rita Hayworth loving, Andy Dufresne would surely approve.

I avert my eyes and lean in to take a sniff.
Dark dried fruit and dark brown sugar dominate the nose.
Pull away, then go back in. Take your time with it.
A bit of candied orange peel and citrus oil pokes through the richness.

I raise the glass to my lips and take a small sip.
A rush of alcohol takes the lead.
I put my glass down to process this for a moment.
I give in to my Google impulses and find what I’m looking for: 11.1%!

My palate was speaking the truth.
This beer is potent!
It’s also way too cold, so I let it warm up.
And that’s when the magic happens.

The dark fruits and sugars meld with the alcohol.
What was once seriously boozy, is now luscious and worthy of savoring.
There’s a lovely balance of sweetness and bitterness.
Welcome to my happy place.

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