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Beer Review – Sixpoint Jammer

Summer worthy Craft Beer is all about the session. Something you can drink all afternoon while lazing by the water. Poolside or on the beach near the crashing waves; the choice is yours. Much like what you pour into your glass to keep cool and hydrated. While the […]

Beer Review Poetry – Sixpoint RAD

There’s a faint smell of beer, When you put your nose near, But it’s the citrus bouquet That takes you away. Blood oranges, grapefruits, and maybe some lime. I’d list a few others, if I had some more time. The citrus is big when you take that first […]

Beer Review – Sixpoint HI-RES

According to the good people at Wikipedia, movie trailers are called trailers because they used to be shown in movie theaters AFTER the end of a feature film. Once movie studios figured out that people weren’t staying around after the feature to watch previews, they started showing them […]

Beer Review – Sixpoint Brownstone

Since Thanksgiving was relatively early this year, I thought that the Holiday Season (i.e. Black Friday to New Year’s Day), would go by at a leisurely pace. I couldn’t have been more wrong! The last week of November and the entire month of December were a blur, and […]

Beer Review – Sixpoint Sweet Action

We had several Sixpoint beers last summer (Bengali Tiger, The Crisp, Righteous Ale), but at the time, I was having some difficulty warming up to most of them. The Wookie will say that it was because I used to store my beer glasses in the same cabinet that […]