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Beer Review – Innis & Gunn Original


A “Map of The World” According to the Disney Imagineers

For Jersey Week, we hit Disney. I say hit because my better half doesn’t just have an itinerary but more of a plan for annexation and domination. Fortunately, during the trip we hit Epcot. For you novices out there, Epcot has two sections: Future World and World Showcase. World Showcase is broken down into a series of countries situated around the World Showcase Lagoon, and while you stroll around the “world”, you can keep your kids occupied by grabbing them a paint stirrer which they will carry to collect stamps from each country that they visit. While the kids are occupied with this scavenger hunt of sorts, we parents get to venture from kiosk to kiosk trying the international fare, and if we’re very lucky, an adult beverage or two.

As we crossed through France (which inexplicably surrendered at our advance!), we ventured to the United Kingdom and found a tiny shack that had a shoddy sign which proclaimed that we were in Scotland (I can only assume that all of this geography is to scale and that one can actually walk from France to the United Kingdom. And people say that the US education system has failed!). While in  Scotland (not much of a place really), I nabbed an Innis & Gunn Original.

By Elliot Clowes (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Elliot Clowes (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Innis & Gunn specializes in producing a range of beers that are aged in casks. They use a variety of woods in their product line. Previously, we had sampled their Rum Cask and their Irish Whiskey Cask, so I felt that I was familiar with their offerings and that I would give the Original a try.  The Original is aged for 77 days in both Bourbon Casks and Over Bourbon-infused heartwood in the Oakerators®.

Here is what Innis & Gunn has to say about their Original:

This is our firstborn brew, whose accidental discovery started our story in 2003. Its originality also lies in its singular taste – notes of biscuity malt and vanilla swirling within a creamy, mellow character. A pioneering beer, its flavour finds favour with brewing juries, blind tasting panels and barflies alike.

And now for my impressions of this beer…

Innis & Gunn Original

  • Appearance: Reddish orange with good foam and lacing.
  • Aroma: Sweet, roasted malt with a hints of apricot, heather, and caramel
  • Taste: Fizzy, creamy, and full-bodied. There is a fair amount of citrus and sweetness. The finish is more tart than bitter.
  • ABV: 6.6%

Having had the other casks, I can attest to the quality of the beer that goes into those casks. The oak aging was evident in the caramel/toffee sweetness without leaving too much of a woody note. I think I like the Rum Cask better, but this was a good beer to carry all the way from Scotland to Canada. Again, I am astounded that one can walk from Europe to Canada. Thankfully, a good beer is a great way to cushion the walk.

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  1. Quite the impressive journey. It’s amazing how far you can travel in just a few steps. Travel by map indeed!

    As far as the beer, I’ll have to give it a try since I really liked the Irish Whisky Cask.


  2. It would be really cool that as you enter EPCOT France they whisk you into a Disney replica of Versailles where they ceremonially surrender…just because….

    Anyway, useless trivia fact: EPCOT = Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow….


  3. Last time I was at Epcot I got stuck inside the Trojan Cow as I tried to gain entry into France. It was all fun and games until I realized that the loony tune Brits that made the cow reproduced some of the digestive tract and other random organs with starting authenticity – right down to their odors. Nothing like being cramped in a dark wooden but moist giant cow’s belly while pressed up against a spongy pancreas.

    I could have used one of those brews right about then for sure.



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