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Beer Review – Innis and Gunn Original

“There are no accidents.” – Master Oogway It’s a rare occurrence when the word “accident” is associated with a positive outcome (we’ll call there rarities, Happy Accidents). It just so happens that Innis & Gunn, a Scottish Craft Brewer based in Edinburgh, was born from one such Happy […]

Beer Review – Innis & Gunn Original

For Jersey Week, we hit Disney. I say hit because my better half doesn’t just have an itinerary but more of a plan for annexation and domination. Fortunately, during the trip we hit Epcot. For you novices out there, Epcot has two sections: Future World and World Showcase. World […]

Beer Review – Brew Dog 5 A.M. Saint

As I have said on numerous occasions, the most rewarding aspect of all this blogging business has been the opportunity to interact with other likeminded people across all of the Social Media platforms. While a good bit of silliness and hilarity ensues on most occasions, there is also […]