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Beer Review – Samuel Smith Organic Apricot Ale

Samuel Smith Apricot Ale

With the weather holding and the neighbors gathering on the patio, we have been experimenting with fruitier beers that the ladies might enjoy with us. Now, I’m not saying that fruity beers are a ladies thing. I am saying that our ladies tend to avoid our hop bombs and imperial stouts and as a consequence we find ourselves drinking while our ladies are in search of iced tea. We have worked our way through some Lambics and a few ciders but when I saw the Samuel Smith Organic Apricot, I knew that this could be something right up their alleys. I am a huge fan of Samuel Smith and have reviewed the Winter Welcome,  the Nut Brown Ale, the Organically Produced Ale, the Oatmeal Stout and the Organic Raspberry Ale. So, from my prior experience, I had some confidence that what I was buying would more than satisfy the crowd.

Here is what Samuel Smith has to say about their Organic Apricot Ale:

People have enjoyed apricots since prehistoric times – so long, in fact, that the origin of apricot trees, Prunus armeniaca, is uncertain.  Although the scientific name suggests an origin in Armenia some scholars think apricots originated in China. They are now grown around the world where the climate allows.
Apricots contribute to a stunning fruit beer: the ripe, aromatic bouquet supports a sweet, summery flavor with just a suggestion of stone-fruit tartness.  Samuel Smith’s Organic Apricot Ale is rich and full-bodied; the color is a glowing hazy orange.

I found the Organic Apricot to be…

  • Appearance: Cloudy, clover honey with a little foam.
  • Aroma: Malty, sweet and full of dried fruit.
  • Taste: Sweet, crisp and refreshing with just a little tartness in the dry finish.
  • ABV: 5.1%

Well, Samuel Smith did not disappoint with this one. The crowd was quite pleased with the purchase and was left looking for more. This was a great way to celebrate the end of summer!

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  1. You are so right! This was tasty stuff. Samuel Smith does a fine job of fruiting up their beers. Once again, thanks for sharing!

    My only disappointment is with Superman. It looks like the Man of Steel can’t hold his liquor.


  2. I’ve heard that this is similar to Dogfish Head’s Aprihop, which I love, so I’m happy to hear that you liked it. I’ll keep my eyes open for it at my friendly neighborhood liquor store. Thanks!


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