Whisky Review – Blackadder Raw Cask Blairfindy

blackadder blairfindyMy man G-LO was out trolling the interwebz when he was approached by Raj Sabharwal of Purple Valley Imports and offered a sample of the Blairfindy from Blackadder’s Raw Cask series. Never one to be impolite (he was raised right), he heartily accepted the offer. I was once again the beneficiary of his generosity and the sample found its way to my house.

Blackadder is an independent bottler of single malt Scotch whisky. Founded in 1995 and named after Scottish Bishop John Blackadder, the bottler uses primarily single casks without any chill-filtering or coloring. Additionally, the Scotch is bottled in clear glass to heighten the visual aspect and allow one to see the natural color of the whisky. The Raw Cask series was begun in 2000 and each release is produced directly from the cask without any filtration.

Now, on to the review…

  • Appearance: Golden, clover honey.
  • Aroma: Honey with a syrupy consistency reminiscent of Lyle’s Golden Syrup.
  • Taste: Well-balanced with a good bit of sweetness up front followed by some spice and then the lingering burn. With water, the spice is reduced somewhat but the burn while also reduced is still prominent.
  • ABV: 57%

I really enjoyed the Blairfindy. I found it to be right in my wheelhouse as I enjoy Speyside whisky. There was a wonderful blend of sweetness and spice and the finish was long and full.


Many thanks to Raj Sabharwal for sharing this sample with us!

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  1. It was only a matter of time before Elizabeth Short’s murderer resurfaced as a scotch. A bit odd that it took 66 years and I’m not sure how it managed to slice her in half (well – I guess it could have been a broken bottle but you’d expect something like that to have left plenty of forensic transfer evidence).

    In any event, it sounds like the Black Dahlia scotch is much better behaved these days.



  2. Since Blairfindy doesn’t exist as a single malt distillery, I did a little research to learn it’s an alias for Glenfarclas which doesn’t want the distillery name on independent releases. Supposedly this has also been “teaspooned” with a drop of whisky from another distillery (maybe Balvenie according to forum rumors) to keep the whisky from being sold as single malt but looking at the label here this might be straight Glenfarclas.


    • My apologies; as I researched the Blairfindy, I too found that it was a Glenfarclas. I should have included that in the review.


  3. Poisonous snake – check; fierce warrior in a kilt with a sword and shield – check; eerie, fiery background – check; reference to classic BBC comedy – check. This is great packaging and I love my packaging.


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