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Listen to the Booze Dancing Crew on the July 2013 Episode of WhiskyCast Virtual Tastings

WhiskyCast Virtual Tasting

Click the pic to listen to the podcast via the WhiskyCast website.

On the morning of July 4th, I was going back and forth with Mark Gillespie of WhiskyCast via Twitter about the “charming, yet regrettably dry town of Haddonfield, NJ” while attending Haddonfield’s Independence Day parade (at one point I asked Mark if he would walk me over a dram during the parade, but he said something about it being illegal. And he calls himself a Malt Maniac!). During our conversation, Mark asked if we’d be interesting in doing another Virtual Tasting at his house over the extended holiday weekend. I told Mark that I would check with the guys and get back to him ASAP.

After a brief chat with LimpD, we determined that it would be easier to get the whole crew together if Mark joined us on “The Barthenon” (aka LimpD’s patio) for the Virtual Tasting. Mark agreed to take his whisk(e)y show on the road, so on Friday, July 5th, LimpD, The ROK, The Wookie, our good friend Miracle Max, and I got together for a taping of the July episode of WhiskyCast Virtual Tastings. Since this taping happened over the July 4th weekend, Mark decided that all four whiskeys should be Bourbon. Mark poured samples of Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel, Basil Hayden’s, the John E. Fitzgerald Larceny Bourbon, and Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon, and we voiced our occasionally strong opinions while having a whole lot of fun! To hear our booze infused banter, click here to visit the WhiskyCast website. Hope you enjoy it!

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