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Beer Review – Samuel Smith Organic Raspberry Fruit Ale

On a recent trip to Kress Liquors in search of the Duchesse De Bourgogne for my better half, I was shutout. Fortunately, I am one of those take lemons and make lemonade kind of guys so I was able to find a number of mild if not fruity beers to pacify her palate. One of the bottles was an Organic Raspberry Fruit Ale from Samuel Smith. Now, I have made no secret of my love of Merchant du Vin and all things Samuel Smith, so the purchase wasn’t really a stretch.

From the Samuel Smith site:

 A dramatic fruit beer with an intense, mouth-watering fruit character derived   from the natural acidity of organic raspberries. Slow, complex fermentation   lends structure and depth to this special fruit beer. Smooth body, finishes dry,   with a soft raspberry note.

I found the Organic Raspberry to have the following characteristics.

  • Appearance: Ruby red with a layer of pink foam and a good lacing.
  • Aroma: Sweet malt with a blast of berry not unlike the aroma of a juice box.
  • Taste: Medium body with a sweet and syrupy texture and a long lasting raspberry finish.
  • ABV: 5.1%

This is obviously not something for everybody, but I did find the Organic Raspberry to be a refreshing change of pace. I would pair this with lighter fare, poultry, salads, or a cheese of dessert course.

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    • I do love my Samuel Smith; the Oatmeal Stout and the Nut Brown are fantastic. The Raspberry Ale, while not something I would buy over others, was a nice change of pace with the warm summer weather.


  1. This does sound like a lovely diversion from our usual beer offerings! I’ll have to check it out.

    Nice photo by the way. Way to class up the joint!



    • I know the Wookie will have some sort of comment about a raspberry beer but it was a refreshing alternative to the traditional IPAs we have been drinking lately. As for the photo, my better half took it. I guess she might be trying to elevate my discussions above “Me likey beer!”


  2. I always find it interesting how our ‘little’ smiths brewery always finds fans over in the US. They are a really interesting brewery; very secretive, very ‘old-fashioned’ – but a firm favourite here in Yorkshire, beer -wise.


  3. I agree, I love Sam Smith and this is a pretty nifty beer. It wasn’t sweet with little depth like some berry beers, and it didn’t have the sour of a lambic (bc it’s not one), which made it a treat.


    • You are so right. Some of the berry beers taste more like Smuckers than beer. The Raspberry Ale managed to keep the quality of a Sam Smith with the infused raspberry flavors.


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