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Craft Beer and Whisk(e)y Press Releases of the Week…

Over the past week, we have received quite a few press releases. Rather than post each one individually, we have decided to pull them together for one big press release post. We hope to do this once a week to keep you updated about all that is going on in the world of Craft Beer and Whisk(e)y. Cheers!


The Jewish Single Malt Whisky Society Changes Its Name to the Jewish Whisky Company’s “Single Cask Nation™.”

Nearly two years ago, when Joshua Hatton, Jason Johnstone-Yellin and Seth Klaskin set out to launch the Jewish Single Malt Whisky Society as a US-based independent bottling company, they envisioned that their society would embody an “open arms” approach.  Their goal was – and remains – to launch a whisky company with a Jewish cultural flare that exhibits sensitivity to the dietary needs of Jews but is every bit a classic “whisky society,” for the enjoyment of all…

Click the following link to read the complete press release:  



Click the pic to visit their website…

King of Prussia District (KOP-BID), in association with Rolling Barrel Events, proudly presents the First Annual King of Prussia Beerfest Royale, the largest Oktoberfest-themed outdoor beer festival in the Greater Philadelphia suburbs – showcasing the finest local craft beers side-by-side with their German counterparts.  Beerfest Royale will be held outdoors at the King of Prussia Mall, along the DeKalb Pike Parking Lot on Friday, October 5th (Friday Preview Party) and Saturday, October 6th (Two General Sessions)…

Click the following link to read the complete press release: 

King Of Prussia Beerfest Royale 2012_PressRelease


New Philly Bar/Restaurant From The Creators of Good Dog

On Wednesday, June 6 at 4 p.m., owners Dave Garry and Heather Gleason of Center City’s wildly popular Good Dog Bar, along with partner Tom Darby, opened The Industry (1401-1403 East Moyamensing Avenue, 215-271-9500), a neighborhood restaurant and bar serving seasonal American dishes alongside an incredible list of craft beers, creative cocktails and boutique wines. The three named their new restaurant “The Industry” in homage to the restaurant hospitality business that they love, and as a tribute to the people who help make Philadelphia’s dining scene first-rate…

Click the following link to read the complete press release: 

The Industry, A New Philly Restaurant From the Creators of Good Dog

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