Beer Review – Avery India Pale Ale

Whenever Mrs. G-LO invites the ladies over for a Friday night drinking/snacking/”sharing too much information” session, I’ll run out to pick up some hop-tastic beers for them to drink. There are two reasons for this quasi-generous gesture by yours truly: (1) the ladies love their IPAs, and (2) this keeps them from drinking beers that I have in my review queue since I would like to avoid a repeat of the Stone Oaked Arrogant Bastard / Founders Backwoods Bastard incident from HalloWeinerFest 2011. That was when Mrs. G-LO and Mrs. Limpd raided my fridge and picked the “wrong” beers, which I eventually found later that evening, half finished, and festering in my backyard.

Since these ladies night events will occasionally occur on short notice, I like to make sure that there are always a few beers on hand that I know they’ll like, and that will keep them away from the “brews in the queue”. About a month ago, I noticed that the Avery IPA is now being distributed in cans. Since I hadn’t had it in awhile, and since I love the convenience of canned Craft Beer (they take up very little space in the fridge and are highly transportable), I decided to pick up a six pack.

This is what Avery has to say about their India Pale Ale:

In the 1700s one crafty brewer discovered that a healthy dose of hops and an increased alcohol content preserved his ales during the long voyage to India (as depicted in our label) to quench the thirst of British troops. Today, we tip our hat to that historic innovation by brewing Colorado’s hoppiest pale ale. Avery IPA demands to be poured into your favorite glass to truly appreciate the citrusy, floral bouquet and the rich, malty finish.

  • Appearance: Pale orange color.  Fluffy head that tops off at about a half an inch and then dissipates slowly. Lots of sticky lacing clings to the glass.
  • Aroma: Tangerine and other citrus notes. Honey.
  • Taste: Moderate carbonation. Creamy mouthfeel. Starts off with lots of citrus and honey sweetness. Although the hop bitterness kicks in towards the middle, the sweetness is always there in the background. Nicely balanced sweet/bitter finish. Once the sweetness fades, you’re left with a pleasantly bitter aftertaste that lingers for a minute or two.
  • ABV: 6.5%

I don’t know if it’s the fact that I am accustomed to uber-hoppy beers, or whether brewers just like to exaggerate a bit, but when I saw the words “Hop Freaks Unite!” on the top of the Avery IPA can, I was expecting this beer to overwhelm me with hop bitterness. The bitterness that I have come to expect from an American IPA is definitely there, but I also found there to be plenty of sweet malts in the Avery IPA. This is a very flavorful and well balanced IPA, but at 6.5% ABV, I suggest that you take it slow, because this beer is very easy to drink. Overall, I truly enjoyed this beer, and the fact that it comes in cans makes it a great beer to keep around for the upcoming Dog Days of Summer.

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  1. I fear you are taking the use of props in you brew photography too far but I heasitate to interviene since I am hoping you are close to completing a Lego Kegerator that is operated by one of the boys’ robot toys.


      • “Too Far” is a place I like visit often but I do know where it is and when it’s not good to go there.


          • What are you concurring with exactly? The fact that I may have gone too far with my beertography? The fact that The Wookie always goes too far? That we should poll our readers to determine whether or not The Wookie goes too far? Or that the interwebz are never wrong? Clarify please.

            Hmmm… perhaps I went to far.


          • Let’s see … where to begin? Simply put: yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. Below I have attempted to address each point individually.

            You continue to take photos with children’s toys which while pretty are most likely in violation of a number of state and federal statutes as this could be considered “marketing” to children. Hey, Joe Camel, nice photos!

            The Wookie does in fact know where “Too Far” is and has purchased a weekend cabin there.

            It is always a good time for a poll.

            With all of the high level security and rigorous fact-checking, the interwebs are never wrong.

            Your request for clarification did indeed go too far.


  2. I have two places in the fridge for cold beer, one location is for anybody and I keep it full of enough variety that the other location can remain under my control. When Mrs. Max lived in the city and I paid huge prices at The Foodery for mixed sixes,there was an incident when we ran out of Dock Street Amber and a poorly hidden bottle of Tuppers’ Hop Pocket was raided. I swear she told me “it was too hoppy, and I dumped half out” however the story has now changed to “I drank it, but didn’t like it”. Either way, an unacceptable outcome for what was probably a pricey brew I then had to buy again.


    • I’m with you Max! Though to be honest, I have dumped a beer or two that were not to my liking. Rock Art Jasmine Pale Ale comes to mind.


          • And, I buy the bad beer? Blueberry just too crazy but Jasmine that seems like a natural beer additive.


          • Again, I’m not saying that pretty, shiny things are bad. I’m just pointing out that I seem to be slammed for these purchases. You buy something with jasmine clearly on the label and get some sort of “free pass” in the name of research.


        • If the name of the beer has the word jasmine in it, I don’t think anything could make it better. And, just how would someone remove the jasmine flavor? Is the Randall Jr some sort of magic flavor extractor as well?


          • Since we have concluded that the Randall Jr. is basically a hopped up and overpriced tea infuser, how about a tea infusion for the Jasmine Pale Ale? Some Earl Grey or Irish Breakfast perhaps? Or how about some Lapsang Souchong? No clue what it is, but it sure sounds like fun! Say it with me, “Can I get some Lapsang with my Jasmine Pale Ale please?”. Not to be confused with lap dance. That’s for another blog.


          • Unless you have come up with a way to remove the jasmine flavor, any effort to infuse the beer (Randall Jr or otherwise) would be a waste of ingredients. And, I can’t believe you threw out lap dance to the Wookie and the Monger. You keep pitchin’ ’em and they keep missin’ ’em.


      • If the beer was bad it would have been even worse. To pay top dollar for a beer, have it poached, pay for it again – and then it sucks…. arghhh. I would have paid twice as much for a bad beer and she would get to say “I told you it was bad”.


  3. Avery IPA is a perennial resident of my fridge (along with Ska’s Modus), the Wife knows I like it and so buys it when she makes a booze run. It’s also a good respite from some of the West Coast hop bombs without being wimpy on the hops.

    Lucky for me, I don’t have to worry about the Wife nipping into my beers since she hates hoppy beers. The only beers we have to worry about pilfering are the pilsners and kolsch’s, and I can be assured that she won’t nab one of those if I pick up some Avery Joe’s since it’s much hoppier than most.


    • Totally agree. The Avery is definitely one to keep in the rotation, especially with summer fast approaching.

      As far as pilfering goes, the HalloWeinerFest incident was not a case of pilfering, it was a case of me offering to grab the ladies some beers (because I knew the inventory) and Mrs. G-LO saying, “Don’t worry. I’ll get them myself.”. So as is usually the case, I guess it was really all my fault.


  4. I’m getting the same, G-Lo. I just had Hoptimum and Nugget Nectar and thought I was going to be blown out of the water by the description on the packages. I found NN to be very malty, and the hops to be subtle and well balanced. Hoptimum was hoppy, but no where near the Deviant Dale’s I’d just drank.

    Other than that, all I can say about this review is next time I’m at the local Ross I’m definitely picking up a set of cheap superhero glasses, lol. Except for Aquaman. Because if you watch Big Bang Theory, you know that Aquaman sucks.


    • Hop Stoopid is another one, along with Hopslam, that has an ominous sounding name, but that is actually super drinkable and much less HOPTASTIC! than the names would suggest.

      The superhero glasses were a gift from the kids last Father’s Day. I believe they got them at Target. And yes… Aquaman does suck. Though Raj was rocking the Seahorse equipped Aquaman costume.


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