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Whisky Poll: Would You Buy A $12,710 Bottle of Whisky To Honor The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee?

Earlier this week, I received an advertisement from Master of Malt. Apparently, the folks at Gordon and MacPhail have released a 60 year old Glen Grant to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee. For the low, low price of £7,995 (roughly $12,710), you can purchase a 70cl bottle that comes in a wooden case with a piece of mounted glass, cut to look like a large diamond. The tasting notes would suggest that the 60 years in the cask were well spent and have produced a spicy, yet incredibly fresh and juicy whisky. With an ABV of 42.30%, I have to think that this is one mellow whisky, so while not exactly in my price range, I am left asking myself, “If I had the disposable income, would I consider buying a bottle of this very special whisky?”.

Once again, rather than wrestle with this dilemma on my own (the Twitter hashtag for this week’s crisis would have to be #richguyproblems), I thought I would ask you, our loyal readers, for some advice. Please take a moment to answer our poll. Thanks in advance for all your help!

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    • My thoughts exactly. I bet that if we got LImpd drunk enough, he might actually buy this whisky. You know how he likes to spend money on things in pretty packages.


      • Let me explain … no let me sum up …’cause mostly dead is slightly alive. Since we have our own Miracle Max we cannot risk that he would resuscitate you (though our Max might just tuck you in his crawl space to see if you improve after being “cellared” for a few years). You must be all dead so we can drink your whisky and go through your clothes to look for loose change.

        BTW … after you kick can you leave your holocaust cloak to me in your will … Thanks!


        • I guess in this scenario, I am the Dread Pirate Wesley and you are making no effort to get Miracle Max to cure me. With your penchant for holocaust cloaks, you must be Fezzik. So, does that make G-Lo Vizzini, Count Rugen or Prince Humperdink?


      • I think it’s pretty obvious that I am Vizzini. I’m Sicilian. I’m follicaly challenged. I use words in the wrong context (Inconceivable!). I’m short. I occasionally have a speech impediment (after a few drinks of course). And I occasionally have a nasty temper. I’m sure there are more similarities…


        • I’ll accept that G-Lo is Vizzini but you as Inigo? I think not. You are freakishly large, overly hairy and like to rhyme. That makes you Fezzik. Just be glad I didn’t suggest that you had six fingers on your right hand because some days you seem a bit like Count Rugen!


      • Count Rugen? You know I am okay with being the bad guy so Count Rugen is fine. Christopher Guest is a master thespian. I object more at you in the Dread Pirate Roberts role …. I see you more as a R.O.U.S..


        • I am neither rodent-like nor of unusual size (round is a usual size). Also, I would not be the awesome and feared Dread Pirate Roberts. I would be the ridiculous and easily dispatched Dread Pirate Westley. “No one would surrender to the Dread Pirate Westley.”

          Sadly, I must agree with you that Christopher Guest is a master thespian.


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