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Booze Dancing 2011 – Year in Re-Brew

It been a fun year for the Booze Dancers, so here’s a quick look back at some of my favorite posts of the year, a mix of the best and worst.  Sure, doing a review post is a bit like those cheesy sitcom clip shows, but there was some cool stuff this year and it’s fun to take a look back. 


Best BeerThe Devil’s Tramping Ground — The inaccessibility of this brew adds to the appeal, but it’s deadly drinkablity is not to be ignored.  Here’s hoping 2012 brings this brew to us in bottles instead of having to source growlers all the way from North Carolina (care of my sis and Wisk-E)

Worst Beer — Anderson Valley Brewing Summer Solstice — During our summer canned beer search, we were looking for some great canned summer session beers …. this one didn’t make the cut.  (I was going to list one of the boys Pumpkin Brew reviews, but I refuse to acknowledge that anything with pumpkin in it is technically beer).

Best Event — Philly Beer Week 2011 — We do whisky tastings, hit great restaurants, and hunt for great brews, but what’s not to love about a whole week devoted to Craft Beer.  PBW rocks!!

Best Swag ScoreChambord Cocktail Supplies — Ok, maybe this wasn’t the tastiest stuff, or a neat booze gadget score, but without G-LO landing these “assembly required” Chambord Cocktail kits we would never have had our best review quote of the year from Mrs. G-LO.  She simply summed up the Chambord Dream Angel Martini as “Smells like pineapple, but tastes like ass.”  Classic!

Best Booze Gadget — The Whiskey Vending Machine — After seeing the pic of this amazing throwback gadget, from our friend The Hip Flask, it immediately went to the top of our Christmas wishlists …. unfortunately we were all naughty and Santa didn’t deliver one.

Best Vacation Brew Score — The Peeper from G-LO’s Maine Trip — I don’t know what was better, (a) the delightful effervescence of this brew that G-LO brought back from Maine or (b) that The Alemonger thought it was stalking him.

Best Restaurant ReviewThe Wishing Well — I could list any of a dozen great restaurants that we enjoyed over the year, but when LimpD gets “quick, friendly service” at any establishment it is a rare occurrence that must be celebrated.  Plus, The Shame Burger … what’s not to love!!

Best SpiritNikka Whisky from the Barrel — Mark at the WhiskCast comes through, and sets up G-LO with a sample of Nikka Whisky.  Fortunately, G-LO saved me some and I got a taste of this bottled Japanese whisky precision … yum!

Worst Spirit —  The Knot — Hilarious advertising.  Horrible product (though some of the ladies in LimpD’s family seemed to like it).

So that’s some of my favorites from the year.  Here’s to a great new year that brings us all health, wealth, wisdom, and great booze!!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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    • Testify, Brother John!

      If the FDA was doing their job there would be regulations limiting pumpkin usage to pies, jack-o-lanterns, and the always entertaining pumpkin chunkin‘. This is basis for my campaign for president in 2012. Remember to vote Wookie in the new year!!


  1. Nicely done Wookie!

    Here are my comments…

    Best Beer – While the Devil’s Tramping Ground is a definite contender, 2011 was also the year in which I rediscovered my fondness for a quality Pilsner (Sam Adams Noble Pils and Victory Prima PIls are standouts), and became better acquainted with the funkier side of Belgian Beer, i.e. Monk’s Flemish Sour and The Duchesse De Bourgogne.

    Worst Beer – Can’t argue with your Anderson Valley pick. Runners up would be that Penobscot Porter and the Rock Art Jasmine Pale Ale. I didn’t even finish those awful beers!

    Best Event – PBW does indeed rock! But the Fall Extravaganza was none too shabby either. Yes, the event itself was lackluster compared to prior years, but we still had an awesome time, and we also had our own table as well our largest group to date.

    Best Swag Score – Chambord was fun, but four gratis Master Of Malt packages and the vat of Mackmyra were nothing to sneeze at either.

    Best Booze Gadget – Can’t argue with that. Me want!

    Best Vacation Brew Score – Yes yes yes! The Peeper is one of my favorite new beers for 2011. Infinitely drinkable and now available in Philly!

    Best Restaurant Review – The Shame Burger sounds sinfully delicious, but I am partial to my Adsum write up. Quite possibly one of the most decadent meals EVER! Although Adsum has undergone some changes, the evil mastermind that is Chef Levin has a new project underway and it will be very very close to my office. No good can come of this. Can’t wait!

    Best Spirit – Yes! Nikka was delicious, but the Dailuaine 27, the Glenfarclas Movember 2011, and the Parker Heritage Collection were pretty spectacular too.

    Worst Spirit – The Knot was horrendous! Not sure if it counts as a spirit or just a cocktail, but the Skinnygirl Margarita was equally awful.

    That is all! Happy New Year!


  2. I can’t believe no one has invented the beer vending machine yet. Brilliant year guys. I hope you have some exceptional spirits lined up to bring in the new year. Have a great one! Cheer beers!


    • The Japanese have already invented everything:

      Check out this beer vending machine pic … LINK

      My fav is this catch your own lobster vending machine … LINK

      I wonder if I added a beer vending machine to my kitchen if I could retire off of the money from G-lo and LimpD??


      • SimpleP –

        Beer vending machies exist in Russia. Nothing beer than getting a frosty cold two liter bottle, just like soda. Back when I was there, you could drink beer where ever. Good times.

        Too bad we don’t have them here…and too bad Russia had to get all cranky and reclassify beer as an alcoholic beverage. Seems the Fun Police are everywhere.


    • Considering your love of all things Wild Turkey, that is quite a statement. I am still amazed that the ladies seemed to enjoy it when they tried it. Of course, no one has asked for it again.


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