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Reinvesting the savings…


I was out shopping yesterday when I noticed the service due light on my dashboard was lit. Newer Honda’s have a service indicator that is a letter ‘A’ or ‘B’ followed by numeric codes. Looking up the codes, I saw I was due for an oil change, tire rotation, and both the air intake and cabin filters needed replacing. I went online to see if I could find out how much my local Honda dealer would charge for the services. The price for the oil change and tire rotation were reasonable, but the cost to replace two filters was $120. I figured replacing some filters was well within my abilities so I went over to YouTube to see if anyone had posted a how-to video for my year car. I was in luck as there were very good videos for both jobs. Seeing that replacing both filters was relatively easy (in the end, the job took less than 10 minutes), I headed over to my local auto parts store and picked up the filters I needed. Total Cost: $35.00.

What does this have to do with whisky, you ask? I’m getting to that part.

Later that day, I found myself at “the Pakastani’s” picking up Powerball tickets. Looking up, I noticed a bottle of the Aberlour a’bunadh on the shelf. I’ve had this bottle before and reviewed it here a while back. It happened to be the same batch. Being that I saved $95.00 by replacing the filters on my car myself, I thought that I would reinvest the savings in another bottle. I took some heat from my fellow Booze Dancer’s last time around for not being generous enough with this fine pour. We’ll see….maybe I’ll be less grinch-like this time around….

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  1. ROK!

    It’s good to hear that you live by your creed, i.e. “Give me a manual, and I can fix just about anything!”. We had a similar scheduled maintenance reminder on the Odyssey. Pity I am (a) not as crafty, and (b) just plain lazy. If I had your motivation, I’d have my own Abunadh, and I wouldn’t have to mooch a dram or four. That being said, Christmas Eve Eve is on a Friday. I won’t be making a Bolgnese, but we can still drink. You game?

    Great story for a great Whisky! Well done!



  2. That store is terrible for rotating beer but great for warehousing old whisky. Aberlour just released batch 38 so for you to find batch 28 still on the shelf is tremendous.

    Also, I may have led the comments regarding your grinch-like dispensing with the previous bottle and once again I was kidding. I just can’t seem to handle the demon bourbon that you are all too willing to share.


  3. I (a) admire your resolve in the great Honda fix-up of 2011 and (b) admire our similar quality, which is to say, that I too look at money which I am forcibly made to depart with, yet manage to hold on to through cunning and guile, as found money, and therefore free to be spent as I see fit on various sundries and frivolity. (words are fun 🙂 ) not to mention I really want a bottle of this…

    In the words of the old country,



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