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Beer Review – Terrapin Beer Company Monk’s Revenge

Looking for something out of the ordinary, I stopped for a mixed six, and picked as one of the bottles a Monk’s Revenge from the Terrapin Beer Company. I have tried several other Terrapin products, i.e. their Rye Squared, Hop Karma IPA (formerly India Style Brown Ale) and the Hopsecutioner IPA, so since I am familiar with the brand, I know that their offerings are varied, and definitely worth a try.

Here is what Terrapin has to say about this beer:

Step back in time for this holier-than-thou union of two great brewing traditions that are worlds apart. Kudos to Friar Spike and Little John for marrying a classic Belgian Style Tripel and a new age American Double IPA. Revenge is a BEER best served cold!

I found the Monk’s Revenge to have the following characteristics…

  • Appearance: Golden amber with little foam or lacing.
  • Aroma: Sweet malt, apricot, citrus and hops.
  • Taste: Sweet, citrusy with a slightly bitter, hoppy tang.
  • ABV: 9.6%

As with the other Terrapins I have tried, there is a lot going on with this beer. Your taste buds are bombarded from front to back with subtle hints of everything: the malt, the hops, the citrus, and even a minty sweetness. But, unlike other beers, the subtleness denotes a great balance of flavors. I wouldn’t consider this a session beer, what with its complex flavors and high ABV, but it was certainly worth a try.

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