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My Balvenie Goldencask 14 Is Haunted!

BOOOOOZE …. with Halloween coming up I think a spirit has possessed my spirits.

Guys (and gals) do silly stuff after a couple of drinks and this is a perfect example.  Take four guys, several bottles of Single Malt, and a headlamp, and you get a haunted, glowing whisky bottle. 

This whisky deserves a proper review… this isn’t it.  I just thought the picture was cool.

G-LO and the gang were holding court with some Single Malts the other night.  When I joined them with this bottle, I started goofing around with a headlamp that was on the table.  The lamp looked neat with a plastic cup and a Glencairn glass for a shade, but the Balvenie Goldencask bottle was the best.  I can see why people turn old bottles into lamps and other cool things.

This bottle is a little plunder from my last trip to the Caribbean.  The location has nothing to do with the whisky, except that this stuff has spent some time in a Caribbean rum cask.  It was just a duty free shop bargain that I couldn’t pass up.  If you have a few hours to kill at an airport layover, I recommend you try to seek this one out as it is a fantastic Scotch.  If you like a whisky that is a little spicy and sweet with almost no smoke this may be the one for you.

I am sure G-LO and the boys will chime in on their opinions to flesh out this post and give more of a review of this one.  If they don’t, a follow-up post will be in the works.


UPDATED – 9/28/11 – Never one to shy away from a challenge, my boy G-lo was Johnny-on-the-spot and jumped right on a formal review.  Read it HERE

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    • The pic was taken with my phone and really doesn’t do it justice. Some HD video would have been nice to show off the swirling amber luminescence. Unfortunately I had consumed so much I could only think “that look pretty” not “that’s a beautiful interplay of light and shadow”.

      By the way “Swirling Amber Luminescence” is a great name for a indie rock band. I call the trademark rights!!


  1. Yo Wookie!

    Cool pic! As far as the tasting notes go, would you mind walking over a sample so that I can analyze it properly? I like what I tasted, but could only get as far as “it tastes like rum”.



  2. I’m game for both a whisky butler and a haunted scotch … actually, it’s a cool decorative idea if someone were to host a Halloween party or, more appropriately, a Halloween Tasting party and have these “haunted” whiskies all around, perhaps in lieu of glowing pumpkins? You’re like the Martha Stewart of the whisky world. Fun post!


    • If anything I am the anti-Martha Stewart (ask the guys) but my Halloween party planning skills are unequaled.

      I do like the idea of an under-lit Whiskey bar to display bottles during tastings. I may have to head to the workshop and get started on one.

      If the display works we’ll be taking preorders for the Boozedancing “Booze-O-Lantern” (patent pending, all rights reserved).


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