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Beer Review – Brooklyn Summer Ale

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been getting a taste of the intense summer heat that our friends in the Midwest have been dealing with all summer long. Since last Friday’s forecast called for temperatures exceeding 100 degrees, Mrs. G-LO and I thought we were going to get a break from the forecasted heat via a family day trip to Ocean City, NJ (we were invited to pay a visit to The Alemonger family), but unfortunately, the Jersey Shore was only slightly cooler that day (it hit 93 degrees with 91% humidity).

When it gets that hot at the shore and you have five little kids to entertain, there are only a couple of options. You can either (a) stay in the house and soak up the air conditioning, or (b) hit the beach and stay in or near the water for as long as possible. Since we desperately wanted to avoid getting a strong case of cabin fever, we chose option (b). By 10:45AM, The Alemonger had a beach cart loaded up with various beach supplies, i.e. chairs, boogie boards, umbrellas, heavy duty shovel (he planned to do some serious beachscaping), miscellaneous beach toys, and of course, plenty of snacks and ice cold beverages (adult and kid friendly options). After a short, steamy walk, we were on the beach and ready to have some fun.

Thankfully, the kids were behaving and getting along, so the grown-ups were actually able to relax a bit. Since The Alemonger’s idea of relaxation is building extravagant sand structures (one year he built Machu Beachu), I actually had to pick up a shovel and do some work. For the record, he insisted on doing all of the digging, but I just couldn’t sit back and watch him keel over from a heart attack, so I helped him out whenever I could.

Did I mention that it was stupid hot on the beach that day? By 12:30 or 1, I was incredibly thirsty and in need of some refreshment. Among the adult friendly beverages was Brooklyn Brewery’s Summer Ale. Oddly enough, I had just purchased a six pack two nights prior, but had not yet had a chance to try it, so I decided that I would test its thirst quenching capabilities. Here’s what Brooklyn Brewery has to say about this beer:

“Brooklyn Summer Ale is a modern rendition of of the “Light Dinner Ales” brewed in England throughout the 1800’s right up until the 1940’s. They were also called “luncheon ales” or even “family ales”, because they were refreshing and flavorful without being too heavy.”

Here’s my take on this beer…

  • Appearance: Hazy golden sunshine in a glass. Lots of popping and fizzing as I poured. Fast rising head that lingers for quite awhile. Little to no lacing.
  • Aroma: Lemon zest. Yeast. Very mild hoppiness.
  • Taste: Very fizzy carbonation. Slightly watery mouthfeel. Mild citrus flavor. Crisp, light, and refreshing. No bitterness whatsoever. Mild cucumber aftertaste.
  • ABV: 5%

There is only way to describe my first experience with the Brooklyn Summer Ale: it was the right beer at the right time! I was hot, thirsty, and craving some refreshment, and this beer was there to make me feel better. It’s not overly complicated, and it won’t overload your taste buds, but it will definitely quench your thirst. I had it again on Saturday night to make sure that I actually liked it, and you know what? I did. Since I had an early morning bike ride planned with The ROK, I didn’t want to drink anything too strong, so once again, this was exactly what I needed.

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  1. I’m so jealous – I WANT this glass!!

    I haven’t tried their Summer Ale, but I love Brooklyn Brown. I’m not a big fan of Summer type beers, but they totally have their place (like in our bellies when it’s 100+ degrees). 😉


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