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Restaurant Review – The Wishing Well

Photo courtesy of the Wishing Well

For Father’s Day the rascals presented me with a gift certificate to the Wishing Well. Actually, this was just an attempt by the wife to Italian up the children with a trip to South Philly. To placate her mostly Irish husband, she offered up the Wishing Well as a carrot. At 9th & Catherine, the folks at the Wishing Well do an excellent job of providing a varied, if somewhat eclectic menu, with a strong emphasis on serving local and sustainable meats, produce, and eggs. As an added plus, they use Sarcone’s rolls.

Within the region, they are known as more than just a public house as they offer the Shame Burger Challenge. The Shame Burger Challenge consists of two double Shame burgers each with two beef patties, two pieces of scrapple, four cheese slices, two fried eggs, two orders of fries and two pints of beer.

Since competitive eating is probably not a measure of good parenting, I opted for just a single shame burger while the rascals had grilled cheese and my better half had a pepper and egg sandwich. The service was prompt, but I found the burger to actually be too much of a good thing. The cheeseburger was good, the scrapple cooked to a crisp perfection, and the fried egg appropriately over light. But somehow the combination was just not quite right. I have had bacon, eggs, ham, and all sorts of cheese and vegetation on a burger. I’ve even had guacamole and a hash brown on a burger, but the addition of scrapple, while novel, did not elevate this burger from very good to great. Overall, with quick, friendly service and an extensive beer menu, the Wishing Well was certainly worth the visit. I think a Booze Dancer road trip might be in order to try the rest of the extensive menu and hit the beer list.

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  1. Ugh, scrapple. My stomach hurts. Sounds like a fun place though. I remember a food challenge in San Diego. A place had a 12 egg omelet loaded with cheese, onions, mushrooms. Never went, never ate it. Don’t think I could come close.


    • Come on, scrapple isn’t so bad if you ignore the name and what it is made of. Scrapple – all the stuff not fit for sausage! The burgers are good and come with unusual toppings. And, the beer list is fantastic. I had a Ballast Point Calico Amber Ale to wash down my shame burger.


  2. I thought I was the only one who ate scrapple! My Austrian Grandmother used to fry it up with eggs for breakfast!

    Looks like a nice place to dine, and I especially love that they use local & sustainable ingredients!


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