Booze Banter

Wet Wednesday Beer Lineup…

This is what I do on a Wednesday night when there’s a four day weekend on the way…

Kick back, relax, and have a couple beers with my Peeps.

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  1. I love how LimpD’s lovely wife uses us to dispose of unwanted food. I am sure her thoughts go something like this, “Hmmmm, those idiots are drinking in my kitchen again? I bet if I put out that bowl of 3 month old Easter candy that the kids won’t touch they’ll eat it.”

    BTW … we never did get any of that week old pasta that LimpD promised last night.


  2. First, let me say that the beverages go down too fast not to include some sort of snack.

    Second, the booze dancers are not necessarily picky eaters, let’s face it, some of us will eat just about anything.

    Third, there was no arm-twisting when the three month old Easter candy came out and quickly disappeared.

    Finally, I think the offer of week old pasta may have been a joke. Of course, I have been convinced for quite some time that the Mrs. is working against me so she may have been serious. G-Lo has tried to warn me about the Napoletani.


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