Food Review

Restaurant Review – Rock Bottom La Jolla

On a recent trip to La Jolla, we stopped at the local Rock Bottom Brewing Company and I selected the sampler. This involves eight 4oz pours. The first 4 pours are the same tried and true beverages that are served at all of the Rock Bottom’s. The last four are the work of the local brew master. In addition, once our server, Will, saw me feverishly taking notes and asking my 7 and 9 year-old to sniff the glasses and offer their opinions of the various brews, I mentioned that I was a blogger and Will then presented me with two additional tastes of cask aged brews.

To compensate for what were now 10 4oz samples, I needed a substantial meal and found just what I needed with the 2AM burger. The combination of a bacon cheeseburger with a hash brown and an egg is just for lack of a better word, simply genius. My better half found her Reuben burger to be delicious and the kids enjoyed their make-your-own pizza. Overall, this was an outstanding place to go if you are looking to sample unique brews while in the company of children. The brew, the food and the service were all well above par. If I had to find a downside it would be that Rock Bottom does not distribute the beer and does not allow for carry out at the restaurant.

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    • That line typically gets me the “Everyone has a blog” response and only on rare occasions results in free beer or swag.


      • It might that you offer the blogger line after you are half in the bag and it comes out a little a little bit desperate and sounds like “but I haf a bwog”.


    • I think my note taking during a massive tasting in the presence of three children may have lent a little credibility to my blogger comment. Either way, my man Will is a credit to Rock Bottom.


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