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Philly Beer Week + Uno’s = Good Beer … Really? Really!

Today I was trapped in South Jersey, thanks to a dental emergency, with no chance to get to Philly for some lunchtime Philly Beer Week fun.    Fortunately, after consulting the events list at the Philly Beer Week site, I had a solution for my problem.  A St. Bernardus partial tap take-over at my local Uno’s.

I know what you are thinking …

“Wookie, when I want good beer from a chain restaurant TGI Fridays is my only choice.  After all your blog told us that Fridays proclaimed ‘Everything is Better with Beer’

Well if you think Friday‘s is your only choice for good beer at a chain you would be wrong.  If you think Friday’s is your best choice for good beer at a chain you would also be wrong.  One of the little know secrets is that Uno Chicago Grill has stepped it up big time in the craft beer department.   I am not saying they make an authentic Chicago deep dish pizza but their beer menu is as good as some of the best gastropubs.

Today my local Uno’s (Maple Shade, NJ) was in rare form.  They had 6 St. Bernardus Belgian delights on tap in addition to 14 other beers that included beers like Terrapin’s Rye Squared, Toegs Sunshine Pils,  and St John Brewer’s Tropical Mango Pale Ale to name a few.

Not being one to turn down a good Belgian beer I went for a lunch special paired with two of the  lower ABV St. Bernardus offerings.

Beer #1 – St. Bernardus Pater 6

  • Appearance – Dark chestnut with a creamy quickly dissipating head
  • Aroma – Sweet and nutty
  • Taste – Rich, creamy, full flavored.  Sweet roasted malt.
  • ABV – 6.7%
    This was fine beer that I would rank as a “sessionable” belgian.  Not too high on the ABV but still plenty of flavor.  It was also a beer that got better as it warmed up, a true sign of a good brew.

St Bernardus Pater 6

Beer #2 – St. Bernardus Wit

  • Appearance – Cloudy golden straw (what you would expect from a witbier)
  • Aroma – Heavy citrus (lemon), cloves, and spice
  • Taste – Very creamy, citrus flavors with lots of spice and a tangy finish
  • ABV – 5.5%
    This Wit was not to my liking but I won’t say if it was good or bad.  I typically lean toward the American take on the German Style Witbiers that are mellower and not as tangy as this one.  If you like a funky Witbier this may be the one for you.

So if you want to have some Beer Week fun but don’t think you’ll get into the city  try your local Uno’s.  The Maple Shade location is running specials all week.  Today’s St. Bernardus event runs through midnight tonight (6/5/11).

Note:  It hurts me to do it but I have to give some credit to our buddy The Ale Monger (@TheAlemonger) for turning me on to Uno’s for good beer.  I would have never suspected to try it for good brew until he told me about it a few months ago.  Nice find you freaky hop head!!

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    • Check it out. All of the Uno’s locations have a pretty good selection around here. In fact the Weyerbacher Big Ern’s IPA is only available at Uno’s and is a darn good IPA. I don’t know why they don’t advertise more.


  1. St. Bernardus? That’s more than a step up, that’s a giant leap for Uno’s. I’m not optimistic that our Unos will follow suit, but we shall investigate.


    • This was a Philly Beer Week special event but all of local Uno’s carry a pretty good selection of craft beers on tap and in bottles.


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