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Booze Gadgets – Whiskey on the Rocks Redux

I like my Whisk(e)y with a little ice or “on the rocks”.  I have a ton of “rocks” glasses but I don’t have any glasses made from rock.  I may have to correct that with this new Booze Gadget. 

Check out the Whiskey Stone Shot Glasses from Uncommon Goods.  We’ve all seen those “whiskey stones” you can drop in your single malt.  While they will surely chill your scotch you have to be a bit worried about what those hunks of stone would do to your nice glasses.  The Whiskey Stone Shot Glasses take that worrying away by merging the chilled rock and glassware into one package.

Throw these soapstone “glasses” into the freezer 4 hours or more before your drinking session and you’ll be ready for chilled shots of vodka or un-watered down drams of whiskey.

American made too.  Pretty cool!  (Sorry I couldn’t resist the pun.)

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    • I’m with you Rufus! I prefer my whisk(e)y neat. Sometimes with a splash of water depending upon the ABV. Cool glasses, but not for me. Also, they take away from viewing the stuff in your glass.


      • If I am tasting something new or enjoying a variety of whisk(e)ys I would agree. If I am just sitting on the deck at night enjoying one of my “go to” whisk(e)ys I don’t need to see what I am drinking. I just want a chilled but not watery dram. I see these as a nice everyday spirits glass not a tasting glass.


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