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Beer Review – Beach Haus Classic American Pilsner

Thanks to the guys at East Coast Beer Company I finally have something that improves the Jersey Shore’s reputation.  A “Classic American Pilsner” called Beach Haus.

I was born at and grew up at the Jersey Shore.  Most of my life I have had to deal with the fact that South Jersey and the Shore are associated with North Jersey (congestion, chemical refineries, and New Yorkers … ugh!).  The last few years have been tough.  HBO took the “Waste Management” stereotype to the next level with The Sopranos and then there was Jersey Shore.  Why MTV, why??? What did Jersey ever do to deserve Snookie and her over tanned buddies.

But along comes Merk and Brian from East Coast Beer Co. to restore some dignity to Jersey. Two guys with dream and a simple to mission to give the Jersey Shore a brew of it’s own.  Last summer with the release of Beach Haus this dream was realized and their mission was accomplished.  All I can say is “Well Done, Boys!”.

Here is a description of Beach Haus in their own words:

“Beach Haus Classic American Pilsner is made purely of ingredients found in America, just as the early style demanded. We took great care in selecting the hops and malts we use that are native only to America. Smooth, golden and full bodied – we think of it as a New American Classic”

My take on this brew is “love at first sip”.  I will be spending a lot of time at the Beach Haus this summer.  While I usually reach for hoppy heavy beers in the winter, I like a lighter refreshing brew in the summer.  This brew fits the bill for summer sipping. It is crisp, clean, and refreshing but unlike other summer pilsners it still has great flavor and depth.

The specs:

  • Appearance:  Light gold and crystal clear. Pours a light white 2 finger head.
  • Aroma:  The nose is very light and only hints at the malt flavor in the taste.
  • Taste:  This is a light bodied beer but has just enough flavor for summer refreshment.  Good roasted malt flavors and just enough bitterness to quench your thirst without puckering your face.
  • ABV:  ???%  — I really don’t know.

A nice brew and hopefully a hint of more to come from the guys at East Coast Beer Co..


If this humble blog post finds it’s way to the brewers here are some tips from a beer nut:

  1. CAN IT – Cans are cool.  Canned craft beer is in.  This would be a perfect beach/pool beer if only it was in a can.
  2. ADVERTISE – I constantly seek out local and fresh brew and only heard about this brew when I stumbled upon a brief article in Edible Jersey
  3. PRODUCT PLACEMENT – Kick your distributer in the butt and make sure this is on the shelf at local brew merchants.  The store I found this brew at had it hidden in the warehouse and I had to ask for it.
  4. PHILLY BEER WEEK – Would love to see you guys at Philly Beer Week this year.  If laws do not permit you to bring this brew into PA consider the NJ pub crawl that happens in Westmont NJ during Philly Beer.


Lastly here is a pic just for one of our regular commenters, randommanda over at A Cap A Day:

Beach Haus has a great cap.  One of the coolest out there.  It deserves a photographer with skills like randommanda and not me!  But here it is on my backyard hammock.

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  1. Wow, I’m honored – a pic for me? Great job with the photog skills- the hammock is a nice touch. What a rockin’ cap that is! I must buy this beer!

    Thanks for the great description, I’m interested to try it but fear we may not have it distributed here in Richmond, VA. I’ll check around.

    I second your suggestion to can it! If more of these great summer craft brews were canned, we’d have more choices when packing our coolers for the beach.


    • After I saw the cap I had to throw some props your way. We love your “Cap A Day” pics and reviews. Your stuff is definitely better than the typical “here’s my beer, now I’m gonna write about it” thing that everyone else is doing.

      The Wookie


      • Thanks! 🙂

        I enjoy reading posts from “The Wookie” and “G-LO” and crew! It’s nice to read blogs about beer from “real” people – who enjoy good beer but post about it with humor and wit!



  2. Nice post Wookie! Yet another beer to sooth and refresh us during the dog days of summer (Hazy, Hot, and Humid is just around the corner).


    • Thanks bro but don’t remind me that the hot summer soup is coming let’s just enjoy cool breezy nights and booze on the deck!!


  3. The Wookie has described this beer perfectly. This is a fantastic summer beer. However, this beer went down way too easily and I see this as a wonderful problem for us. If ECB rolls this out in cans, we will be very popular at the pool.


    • I think there will be a pretty good stock of this brew in the Wookie beer fridge over the summer.

      As for canned beer G-lo and I will be drinking brews from Oskar Blues and we’ll keep a few Leinie Summer Shandy’s cold for you!


      • I figure my cooler will be stocked with cans from nearby brewers (Saranac, Sly Fox, Lancaster, etc). We’ll have to have a canned beer round-up post as the summer kicks off!?!?


    • Yes, please post a canned beer round up so we can all have a “go to” list of what we can take with us to the pool/beach! That would be awesome!! I don’t know about you, but I can only drink so many “Old Chubs” in the sun!


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