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Beer Review – Karl Strauss – Red Trolley Ale

On a trip to San Diego, we stopped at one of the six Karl Strauss Brewing Company restaurants and I opted for the sampler. The first selection was the Woodie Gold. The second was the Windansea Wheat Hefeweizen. The third selection was the KS Amber Lager. Number four was the Red Trolley Ale.

From the Karl Strauss site.
“Red Trolley Ale is a medium-bodied beer with heavyweight malts. We brew it with a half ton of caramelized malts for a rich copper color and toffee flavor. After adding the perfect mix of hops for balance, we warm ferment the beer to bring out a hint of dried raisins and currants. The complexity of flavors makes Red Trolley Ale a hearty and truly enjoyable beer.”

The Red Trolley Ale has the following characteristics

  • Appearance: Clear, reddish-brown color. Good foam. Good lacing.
  • Aroma: A sweet malt scent with a hint of hops.
  • Taste: Medium carbonation and mouthfeel. Medium body with a slightly sweet malt flavor and just the slightest hint of hops leading to a nice finish.
  • ABV: 5.8%

When sampling a craft brew, I try to pick a quality name product that the brewer is attempting to replicate. In this case, Karl Strauss may have been aiming for an Irish Red and made something a little more like a good Killian’s. This was a very drinkable beer and among my favorites from Karl Strauss.

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  1. First Bud, then Michelob Shock Top, now Killians??? Was this a trip to beer hell? What’s next on the trip Karl Strauss Malt Liquor? I can see the review now:

    “I think they were trying for Smirnoff Ice but instead made Zima … not good but drinkable if you are a 17 year-old girl in the ’80s”

    If your next review is about the Karl Strauss Summer Shandy you are DEAD to me and our kids can no longer play together.


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