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Brew Gadget – Opener & Cap Catcher

Everytime we host a party at my house we always spend the next day pulling bottle caps out of the yard, or find them rusting in the bottom of the beer cooler.  My friends aren’t pigs (maybe G-LO is,) but we usually drink a lot of craft beer, and a cap dropped on a crowded deck usually gets kicked around, not picked up.  So when Stefano Di Lollo, Senior Industrial Designer for the Trudeau Corporation, contacted us a few weeks back with an invention that promised to solve my party problem I was excited to try the product.

The Trudeau Bottle Cap Catcher is bottle opener and cap collector all in one.  Here is the release from the Trudeau:



Sure there are a million openers out there that`ll crack open a bottle…but where do those caps end up?

On the floor, trapped between the couch cushions, in the yard, or flung across the room?

Trudeau Corp`s designer, Stefano Di Lollo, may have come up with the solution we didn`t know we needed.

He`s developed a clever “cap catcher” that  won`t just open the bottle, but it`ll make sure to catch that cap & keep things—well—a little cleaner around here. The opener can hold a modest 30+ caps & its flexible base can easily be removed to dispose of the “prisoners” & make room for more “victims”. The more beverages you consume, the more decorative your opener becomes. Think of  them (the caps) as—badges of honor.

In addition, the opener`s immodest size ensures that you won`t lose site of your opener, not to mention it`ll be quite difficult to have it stolen (no more searching your guests pockets!). Superbowl Sundays, backyard barbecuing, & tailgate parties will never be the same again! Cheers!”


So what’s my take on this Bottle Cap Catcher?

First, it does what it claims to do.  The family and I have been using it for over a week and with every bottle we’ve opened it has gobbled up the cap.

Second it appears to be solidly constructed.  As an engineer, I am always skeptical of plastic gadgets, but this one is beefy where it needs to be and should survive many bottle de-“CAP”-itations.

Finally it is simple to use, while it’s opening technique is a little different than the typical upward motion of most openers it’s unique downward motion opens the bottle and catches the cap in one stroke.  My 5 and 7 year-old had no problems opening their bottled root beer and orange soda.  It’s also easy to open for cap disposal.

Bullet points of the assessment:


  • Well built
  • Simple one stroke motion
  • No moving parts
  • Easy to access and empty cap holder
  • Reasonably priced ($10)


  • Awkward with short bottles (like Red Stripe or Coronitas)
  • Not a replacement for your everyday “church key”
  • Works best if you place the bottle on a flat surface; awkward otherwise

All things considered if you are looking for a neat new opener for your home bar or for use at parties this one is worth considering.  The price is right, it appears to be well built, and the see through cap catcher will allow you to gauge just how much good brew your friends have mooched from your beer fridge.

Click here to buy from Amazon

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    • No invaders. The Coronitas were a thank you gift for winter snow removal from a neighbor. While Corona is rarely a brew I reach for the mini bottles allowed me but the Bottle Cap Catcher through a full run of testing.


    • I leave no opened brew behind and drank the Coronas. It’s not the hoppy brew I love but sometimes there is nothing beer than a simple brew, a lime, and the sunset.

      After the Cap Catcher is full with caps we’ll send it over to you for some “Cap A Day” close-ups and glamour shots.


  1. Hey Wookie. Simple but effective. Love that! I wish they’d make one that doesn’t damage the cap. I like to reuse them for crafty things and always have to hammer them back out.


    • Go with the “Original Bottle Popper” if you want a flat cap. I don’t think they trash the cap but they don’t gather the caps, like this cool gadget, so you can marvel in your drinking prowess.


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