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Food Review – The British Chip Shop – Haddonfield, NJ

Last Friday night the Wookettes and I were looking for a new restaurant that would be fun, allow my Catholic butt to avoid meat, and was not Friendly’s.  Since my girls love all things fried we figured we would try the relatively new British Chip Shop in Haddonfield, NJ.

The British Chip Shop website says it “…. celebrates the culinary traditions of the British Isles, serving authentic fish and chips, pies, pastries, and seasonal favourites”.  Now the British people are not known for their great additions to the culinary world but they know how to make Fish & Chips.

Finding great Fish & Chips in the U.S. is not easy, as I am repeatedly told by the UK Expats that I work with.   They regularly drag me around NYC to have me try restaurants that they feel make Fish & Chips like they remember from back home.  I think they would enjoy Haddonfield’s British Chip Shop as their Fish & Chips were darn good.

Fish & Chips

My order of Fish & Chips were great.  Light and flaky fried haddock served in a basket on top of hand-cut fries.  Complete with malt vinegar for that authentic taste and tartar sauce.  Unlike a lot of Fish & Chips I’ve tried they were not greasy or heavy.  Very delicious.

While the Fish & Chips were what I went for it’s not the only thing they make (menu here). The mini Wookies went for the kid’s baskets of “Nibbleys” – a choice of bite sized fried chicken or fish with fries.  Mrs. Wookie went with a bowl of the Potato Leek soup with a RLT (Rasher, Lettuce , & Tomato) Sandwich.  The sandwich was huge, enough for two Wookettes.  The soup was the only disappointment and just did not suit my wife’s taste.

Tango & Ginger Beer

The British Chip Shop completes the UK experience with British sodas, cookies and desserts.  My girls rounded out their evening in the British Isles with a Ginger Beer and Tango soda with their meal.  Dinner wrapped up with an assortment tea time cakes and cookies.  They loved it all and we will definitely be dining there again.

Some other things of note:

  • The British Chip Shop is a BYOB. If you want to really enjoy yourself bring a few beers.  I went with a Smuttynose Shoals Pale Ale (G-LO’s review).  The restaurant will give you a frosty mug to enjoy your suds in.
  • The kids menu has chicken nuggets for the average kid and other choices for the more adventurous kiddos.
  • They do “Takeaway” of their menu and have a pastry display if you just want to stop in for a scone or shortbread cookie.
  • Note for G-LO/LimpD (3 words) – FULL ENGLISH BREAKFAST

My girls loved the Chip Shop and so did I.  If you are looking for a great casual lunch or dinner in Haddonfield and/or a great Fish & Chips I recommend you give it a try.

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  1. Yo Wookie!

    Gonna have to give this place a try. Looks delicious! And as far as the Full English Breakfast goes… are they open after hours? If so, we’ll have to do a run after one of our late night drinking sessions. Also have to hit the Brit Shop across the street to get some of those uber-freaky Brit snacks that Limpd is so fond of.



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