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PhillyTapFinder.Com Your Philly Brew Finder

Philly is a great beer town and if you wander into most any respectable bar you’ll probably find an awesome craft beer on tap.  But what do you do if have a craving for a specific beer or are curious about what’s on tap at your favorite watering hole?  Head to the Internet of course.

Check out as your go to source for finding your favorite craft brew in Philly or finding out what’s on tap in Philly.  I stumbled upon this today and the brew listings appear to match up to what is advertised by most of the pubs (update dates are noted).   The Booze Dancer R&D department will have to do a little field work and hit some pubs to see just how accurate this site is.

If you have tried it let us know what you think.

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  1. To the Men Who Dance at Booze….

    As a student of science I would be honored to lend a hand and mouth to the PhillyTapFinder Audit efforts.

    I propose a spot tap audit in the very near future…..


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