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Lunch Review – Dublin Square Revisited (with the Kids)

A fews weeks back I did a review of Dublin Square in Cherry Hill.  In the review I threw in some parents notes about their kid’s menu and remarked that it may be a nice place to bring the family for lunch or dinner. This past Saturday I put it to the ultimate test — The palate of a 7 year-old, namely my daughter.

Here is a pic of the kid’s menu:

A summary of lunch with the kiddo’s observations follows:

Kid's Chicken Fingers

To start her lunch the little Wookie went with the Chicken Fingers and Fries and she was psyched that they had Birch Beer on tap (she’s a non-alcohol booze dancer and likes a gourmet soda).  The portions were huge with about 5 big pieces of white meat chicken breast, more than enough to satisfy my rather tall and ravenous offspring.   She thought they tasted great and said we need to visit Dublin Square again (high praise from a 7 year-old that has, by her own count, been to over 117 restaurants).

Bangers & Peppers

For my lunch I started off with a Blacksmith and a bowl of the Potato Leek Soup.   The Beer was expertly assembled by the snarky redheaded bartender at the Atrium bar  (Jessie?) (BTW – Snarky is a compliment.  I like a bartender with a sharp wit).  The soup was good but not great.  Note: I judge every potato soup against my Irish grandmother’s and none have ever been able to equal it.

I followed the soup and brew with Dublin Square’s Irish spin and the Italian classic Sausage and Peppers.  The sandwich was basically Irish bangers grilled along with peppers, onions, and portobello mushrooms piled on a soft roll and smothered with cheese.  This was well done and a mighty tasty sandwich.  I think this was a new addition to the menu and hopefully they keep it around.  I opted for a side salad rather than the fries and got a fresh spring mix salad with a creamy bleu cheese dressing.

Dublin Square did not disappoint on this second trip, the food was good and the service was outstanding.  Our server (Katie S.) was awesome and took some time to fill us in on new additions to the menu and news about the restaurant.  Our server (Alex) from my last trip stopped by the table to say hi and thanks for coming back.

While the menu may be good pub grub and the restaurant may have something for everyone (families, seniors, singles, Booze Dancers) it looks likes Dublin Square’s real strength so far is service.  Hopefully they will keep it up.

And as for that snarky redhead at the back bar, if you stop by ask him to mix you up one of his Kettle One Martini’s served with giant cheese stuffed DiBruno Bros. Olives.  He was cranking these out for the table next to us and they looked delicious.  If I was dining without the kiddo, and had a designated driver, I would have joined them.

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  1. Yo Wookie!

    FINALLY! I actually got to eat at this place! After a blazing fast trip to Manhattan and back (had to pick up the In-Laws, MIL & FIL from the Cruise Terminal at 55th and West Side Highway. Left at 7:45, home by 11:30AM), I decided that we’d be having lunch at Dublin Square. I was itching for another Blacksmith and was hoping to finally have the Bangers & Champ. We also took my hooligan boys.

    Though they didn’t have the Bangers & Champ on the menu, they did have an Irish Breakfast, so I just had to order it (two eggs over easy with all the fixins!)! I was too engrossed with my entree, so I don’t have the particulars of what everyone ordered, but here is all of it in a nutshell: MIL had some kind of wrap, FIL had a bangers and peppers sandwich, my hooligans split some chicken fingers and fries, and the wife had a sandwich with onion rings on the side. We were all VERY pleased with our meals. FIL was particularly pleased with the Blacksmith (he had two) and the decor (the sandwich was tasty too). Since he’s been to Ireland on numerous occasions to see family, he mentioned that they definitely captured that Irish Pub feeling.

    All in all, it was a lovely lunch time visit. The next trip will be with the boys for numerous libations and snacks!



  2. Glad to hear you finally got a meal in at Dub Sq without a fire drill and got the big Irish Breakfast. During my last trip the Irish Breakfast was rumored to be making a Sunday only appearance but if it is a regular addition to the menu I will be in heaven.

    BTW …. I think the Bangers and Champ is a dinner menu item. Also I think they are tweaking their menu. There were several changes between my first and second trip.

    I am in for a trip with the guys, just let me know when! Maybe I’ll wear a kilt!


    • Like you have to ask me twice. As long as the daddy/husband slate is clean, I’m there. You know where to find me!

      But please, please, please… no kilt. No offense. 🙂


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